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It's Personal

Chef-Alot is a professional catering service offering delicious food prepared by an award-winning Chef, served in the comfort of your own home or at your chosen venue. At an affordable price, dinner is prepared, plated and professionally served to you and your guests.

Our Commitment

Locally sourced produce, vegetables from the Chef's garden, and the freshest ingredients means food

that tastes exceptional.

Exquisite food.

Expert advice.

Gracious service.

The Chef-Alot Way

Private dinner parties, corporate lunch meetings,

home or office parties, special occasions: wedding, christening, reunion -

we do it all. Get in touch with us today for a catering quote. We are your

"on location specialists."

Choose success.

Choose the Chef-Alot way!

Hot off the Crunchton Press!

It's Chef Shawn's famous CRUNCHTONS!

The gourmet crouton with tons of crunch.

Crispy, crunchy, tasty, awesomeness! A favourite amongst Chef Shawn's clients for decades, these handmade gourmet artisan croutons will now WOW you too! Get ready for that sweet and spicy flavour packed into every bite. Serve on your salad, put them in your soup, or pop them in.....your mouth will thank you! 



Talk of the town

Do you want your next party to be the talk of the town? A Chef-Alot Catering Services menu isn't complete without Chef Shawn's famous crunchtons. And now YOU can serve them to YOUR guests in your own home. (That is if you don't gobble them up first. Yes, they are that good! Like candy.)


Packed with yummy goodness

A well-packed half-pound bag is only $10, with proceeds towards Chefs On The Street, C.O.T.S. (Price does not include shipping and handling.) But you should probably buy at least one pound (2 bags). We are confident you will crunch your way through one bag pretty quick. Try and eat just one single crouton. Go on try. We dare you!


Any Occasion is a Crunchton Sensation

Attending an occasion? What a sensational way to spice it up and leave a lasting impression on friends, family, co-workers and new acquaintances. 

Chef Shawn's delicious, party-in-your-mouth gourmet crunchtons!


Share the food wealth.


Buy a Bag, Impact Big

Over the last 15 years, C.O.T.S., has been humbly supporting the homeless by delivering meals around Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. A portion of each bag you buy will go toward feeding another person in need.

Be better today for a better tomorrow.


Chef-Alot appreciates your generous support.