Catch the Crouton Craze!

Thank you for your interest in purchasing CROUTONS!


To order:

1. write to:

2. tell us how many bags you would like to order

3. provide us with your address

4. we will confirm your order by replying to your crouton request

5. payments can be made by e-transfer when all details have been confirmed.

​Creative Croutons

Chef Shawn's handmade gourmet artisan croutons will WOW you! With a sweet and spicy flavour packed into every bite, you won't want to stop munching. But be careful. You’ll need to save some croutons to share with others. Or put on your salad....or perhaps in your soup....or maybe as an accompaniment to your favourite wine or beer (winetons/beertons). Chef Shawn's Croutons are a real crowd-pleaser. Don't keep them all to yourself. Share the food wealth!

Crouton Count

Your half-pound bag is only $10 (does not include shipping and handling). We are pretty confident you will crunch through one bag quickly. This is why we are offering the “crouton case” - to share with others. For a different, fun, crunching delicious experience, these party-in-your-mouth croutons will leave a lasting impression on friends, co-workers, teachers, or how about your boss?


Go on. We dare you to try and eat just one single crouton. Bet you can't do it??!!

Croutons for Charity

Proceeds from each bag purchased will make a BIG impact on Chefs On The Street, C.O.T.S. Besides Chef Shawn’s passion for cooking? To give back. To the community, environment, and to C.O.T.S. For the last 15 years he and his team have been humbly delivering meals to the homeless in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario.

Give. Anytime. To your family, friends and those in need.

What will be your good deed for 2018?

Chef Shawn and the Chef-Alot Team thank you.